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Fifth Anniversary of Mixed Ownership Reform | Shenyang Daily Casting a High Quality and Powerful "Chassis" for Development – The Third Record of the 5th Anniversary of Mixed Owners


On the morning of April 15th at 7 o'clock, Chen Liang had already pressed the "work button" for the whole day, handling more than 20 tasks of all sizes before truly finishing work. This young man born in the 1990s, who underwent a mixed ownership reform for 5 years, achieved a "two-level jump" in his position - promoted from an ordinary employee to a department director. Not only did his work receive recognition, but his workload was also several times that of before the mixed ownership reform.

Chen Liang is just a microcosm of a character in the "Group of Heroes" of NHI. Loyal positions and active work have now formed a normalized style in enterprises. Institutional leadership, moving towards refinement, demonstrating a high degree of self-awareness in behavior, and after 5 years of mixed ownership reform, NHI has emerged and transformed into a butterfly.

The "chassis" of development is formed by the integration of institutional "leadership"

In the 5-year mixed ownership reform, with the "three institutions" reform as the breakthrough point, NHI has highlighted institution management and aimed to create a competitive market entity. Nearly 300 institutions have been introduced and improved, and a strict supporting assessment institution has been formulated to put all employees and the entire production process under institutionalized management, making "cadres can go up and down, employees can enter and exit, and income can increase or decrease" a reality.

Everyone is equal before the institution, and the institution has become the protagonist of management. Since the mixed ownership reform, every employee of NHI has been on the assessment list, including senior management personnel, and almost everyone has a record of rewards and punishments. The result of institutional "leadership" has led to a group of outstanding individuals being promoted to management positions, and a group of highly skilled talents being lifted up the beam of revitalization. The highly executed workforce is constantly growing.

Institutional leadership, splicing together a strong "chassis" to lay a solid foundation for development. According to the institution management of enterprises, an atmosphere of employees respecting, respecting, and following the institution has been formed.

A high-quality platform for the development of refined management structure

On April 15th, at the NHI Command Center, as soon as the staff pressed the button, a series of numbers were displayed on the large screen: how much production was planned, how many personnel were on duty, and where the materials came from

"This is a production big data platform, which can deduce and adjust project timelines based on the product processing process route provided by the system algorithm model, arrange production and manufacturing equipment reasonably, and improve equipment utilization by more than 20%." Zhang Fan, Deputy Minister of Strategic Development Department of NHI, introduced to the reporter.

The launch of the independently developed production big data platform marks an important step for NHI towards refined management.

In the past five years of mixed ownership reform, NHI actively embraced information technology and invested heavily in intelligent production equipment transformation, optimized processing technology processes, and intelligent information system control, achieving a significant improvement in management level.

In addition, the lean concept has deeply rooted in people's hearts, and it has also enabled enterprises to take great strides towards high-quality development. Such as introducing a system concept, systematically addressing the "delay" problem, systematically addressing the "quality" problem, and systematically addressing the "supply guarantee" problem in procurement; For example, establishing cost awareness, strengthening cost control, enhancing business awareness, revitalizing assets through renovation and recycling; To improve production capacity, outsourcing to self production; By implementing methods such as small changes and small reforms to enhance the company's cost control capabilities, NHI achieved a cost reduction of over 64 million yuan in 2023 alone.

Cultural integration helps shape core competitiveness

At the beginning of 2024, a client of an overseas project specially sent four banners to praise the employees of NHI for their initiative and actions, ensuring that multiple large equipment exports in the project were inspected on time and completed the project excellently. A project gains four banners, reflecting the implementation of the "customer-centric" business philosophy and highlighting the conscious action of employees. It is precisely because of conscious initiative that over the past five years, hundreds of people from NHI have received various forms of praise from customers, including sending banners.

Serious attitude towards customers, always responding to their requests; Treat your own work conscientiously and work overtime; Same day work, same day completion, and the continuous struggle for special things... These excellent qualities have become habits and condensed into corporate culture. Continuously adhering to institutional management, cultural infiltration has formed a high degree of self-awareness, casting people who adapt to market development, creating a strong competitive strength of the enterprise, and showcasing a good image of the enterprise. NHI has opened a new chapter of transition from institutional management to cultural management.