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Returning for a hundred years to restore youth——Record of the 5th Anniversary of Fangda Group's Northern Heavy Industries Mixed ownership Reform: Part Four


Recently, a heavyweight news has greatly enhanced the reputation of Northern Heavy Industry: the winning country's strategic project for advancing deep into the earth - the key basic platform equipment for "ultra large deep engineering disaster physical simulation", has entered the "national team" in the field of big science.

In the past five years of mixed ownership reform, there have been numerous examples of entering the field of science and implementing major national strategies in the northern heavy industry. Over the past five years, the development of northern heavy industry has become more enriched, its comprehensive strength has undergone a qualitative change, and the magnificent image of a major country's heavy equipment has risen high... A hundred years of experience have set sail, five years of rebirth from the fire, and youth has bloomed!

Innovation leaps to new heights and new quality productivity grows vigorously

This is a list of innovative achievements, recording the innovation achievements of Northern Heavy Industry over the past 5 years, which has nurtured the confidence of new quality productivity. We have independently carried out 123 scientific research projects, including 89 new product projects, 18 key technology projects, and 16 new process projects; Obtained 54 patents, including 12 invention patents. A batch of new products, technologies, and processes with independent intellectual property rights and reaching international advanced levels are constantly emerging, including key technologies and complete sets of equipment for anti-seepage soil material transportation and blending of ultra-high earth and rock dams at Shuangjiangkou Hydropower Station, and 17 products such as GM700/65 gantry scraper reclaimer, which are pioneering in China; Ten technologies, including the MLL1200 spiral vertical mill and a complete set of high-temperature and long-distance belt conveyor equipment, have won the Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award.

The development of new quality productivity is not only reflected in technological innovation, but also runs through the entire process of product production, market development, and other aspects of the enterprise. It is also reflected in all elements of productivity, whether it is the intelligent transformation of equipment, the improvement of employee skills, the significant improvement of scientific research capabilities, or the integrated development of "human, machine, material, method, and environment", making development more high-quality and elegant.

"Northern Heavy Industry is creating a market entity with strong competitiveness, so we are more proactive in developing new quality productivity. Our goal is to become an excellent industry and a technological pioneer." Speaking of the company's connotative development over the past five years, Zhang Bin, President of Northern Heavy Industry, said.

Inclusive and inclusive, forging a powerful and powerful national weapon

Entering the gate of northern heavy industry, the cultural atmosphere created by slogans such as "operating enterprises must be beneficial to the country, the enterprise, and the employees", "listening to the Party's words and following the Party; being good to the employees, building a harmonious enterprise; governing the enterprise according to law, and promoting it according to law" has ignited the passion for struggle.

"The most successful aspect of the 5-year mixed ownership reform is the comprehensive integration of Northern Heavy Industry into Fangda Group. The corporate culture of 'Party building as the soul' injects new connotations into old enterprises with a century of rich accumulation, demonstrating the powerful power of a major country in the new era." said Wang Hongwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Northern Heavy Industry.

One is that with the growth of reform and opening up, after more than 20 years of market economy quenching and forging, a market-oriented and customer-centric business philosophy has been formed, and a private enterprise with strong execution power has been built through institutionalized management; One is the industrial eldest son with a hundred years of history, developed in the execution of national strategies, and a state-owned enterprise full of national supremacy and fighting spirit. After 5 years of deep integration, enterprises have formed a high-quality development led by high-quality party building culture, shaping the cultural soul of a major country.

The cultural soul of a great power should not only be the result of exchanges on forums and slogans hanging on walls, but also an action that integrates into the hearts of employees and is reflected in the entire process of enterprise management; Manifesting in a fair competitive corporate environment, making excellence a habit of institutional construction; This is more reflected in the struggle to implement national strategies and lead industry development.

Building an Excellent Growth Stage with Advanced Same Frequency Resonance

On April 20th, Wang Cong, an employee born in the 1980s, was busy in the office from 6am to 10pm. "Northern Heavy Industry has built a growth platform for me, and I cherish it very much," Wang Cong admitted. After 5 years of mixed ownership reform, Wang Cong's abilities have greatly improved and he has also been promoted to the position of Deputy General Manager of the sales company, entering an important position and entering a fast track of growth. Northern Heavy Industry is not only an incubator for major powers, but also a cradle for cultivating talents, allowing various talents to showcase their abilities and stand out.

Over the past five years of mixed ownership reform, Northern Heavy Industry has sent 420 people to the group headquarters and sister units for exchange and learning. Among them, 5 people were promoted, and 6 people were transferred to other enterprises of Fangda Group to serve as middle-level leaders. In addition to internal communication within the group and accelerating talent growth, Northern Heavy Industry also takes multiple measures to build a talent growth platform. For example, inviting experts from the Central Party School to give lectures once a month, and organizing training sessions such as the "Great Craftsman Lecture Hall" once a week; Establish competition activities including horse racing, form the selection of "master craftsmen" and professional technical masters, and select outstanding employees.

At the same time, Northern Heavy Industry has introduced advanced management systems to make employee responsibilities clearer and work more planned, and combined them with the "performance oriented hero" approach, enabling employees to grow rapidly.

The stage for the growth of employees at Northern Heavy Industry is a full reflection of the "three advantages" and one of the reasons why Northern Heavy Industry has been able to develop rapidly.