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Northern Heavy Industries employee Tong Hailong won Liaoning May 1st Labor Medal


On April 30, the 2024 Liaoning May 1st Labor Award recognition conference was held in Shenyang. Tong Hailong, milling worker of machine plus one workshop of Northern Heavy Industries' major parts Branch Factory, won the Liaoning May 1st Labor Medal and was invited to attend the conference.

Tong Hailong was born in 1983, a member of the Communist Party of China, Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., LTD. Major parts factory machine plus a workshop seven axis five link CNC turning milling machine master, monitor. Tong Hailong work style down-to-earth, work hard, meticulous, good at solving technical problems in the production process. In the process of processing a key part of carbon equipment for the first time produced by the processing company, he took the initiative to carry the burden and solve the problem, through the analysis of drawings, careful research, bold innovation, careful verification, the use of macro programming, the use of right-angle cutter, end mill and other tools, combined with the unique multi-axis linkage advantage of CNC turning milling machine, the use and modification of lengthening keyway milling cutter. Excellent completion of the product processing and production tasks.

The rotary blades of the spiral vertical mill produced by the Northern Heavy Industries once relied on imports, and Tong Hailong was determined to overcome this problem after understanding the situation. With a deep understanding of processing equipment and product structure, he made his own tooling and fixture, explored and wrote equipment CNC machining programs, and accurately mastered the skills of multi-axis CNC machining complex curved surface structures of workpieces after many attempts. The manufacturing cost of the same type of products has been greatly reduced, and the unfavorable situation of product dependence on imports has been broken.

In 2023, Tong Hailong participated in the processing of key components of Tongling shear line combination box, microwave crushing project of Northeastern University, φ3.53m pumped storage TBM and other major projects. It has contributed to the independent and controllable construction of high-end equipment and industrialization cluster in Liaoning Province.