Testing Center

Testing Center is a metal material testing, measuring instrument testing calibration experimental center integrating physical and chemical testing, nondestructive testing, metrological testing calibration. There are physical and chemical testing, nondestructive testing, metrological testing calibration in the testing center.

There are 18 items of ordinary measurement standards and 1 item of special measurement standards authorized by Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, covering length, thermal, mechanics, electricity and other metrology majors.

The center has three departments: physics and chemistry department, detection department and metrology department. The department of physics and chemistry is mainly engaged in mechanical properties testing, metallographic structure testing, chemical composition analysis and grease analysis of various black and non-ferrous metals. The detection department is mainly engaged in the ultrasonic, magnetic powder and penetration nondestructive testing of castings, forgings, welds and sheet materials. The metrology department is mainly engaged in pressure gauge verification, geometric measurement, calibration of measuring instruments, thermal instruments and electrical instruments.

The center has a strong technical force, there are 31 employees, 29% of whom have senior technical titles and 68% of whom have bachelor degree or above, there are 21 persons with testing qualification authorized by State Administration for Market Regulation, Liaoning Market Supervision Administration, Shenyang Machinery Industry Physical and Chemical Management Association and other institutions.

The center is equipped with advanced domestic and foreign testing equipment more than 20 sets including Optiv performance 662 composite image measuring instrument, 6-meter length measuring machine made in Germany, API Laser Tracker, articulated arm, microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo testing machine, microcomputer controlled pendulum impact testing machine, Olympus metallographic microscope, Japan Shimadzu PDA-7000 photoelectric spark spectrometer, USA Thermo Electron iCAP6300 inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer, USA Perkin Elmer AA700 atomic absorption spectrometer, Germany USN60 ultrasonic flaw detector, Wuhan HS150 ultrasonic flaw detector.

The center will adhere to the scientific and rigovous, standard and accurate, professional and efficient, positive and innovative principles, also the concept of modern scientific management, constantly improve the technical level, the quality of service, and strive to build the most influential testing and calibration laboratory in the region.